Issues in Our Community

Below is a list of the most important issues facing our Community and how we want them solved.


Our city has a shortage of peace officers and is facing an increase in crime, especially in our parks, creeks, and our open spaces,  Our Peace Officer Park Rangers have gone through the same firearms training as SJPD and are sworn Peace Officers by the state of California, yet our City is not allowing them to perform law enforcement duties because our leaders will not allow them to protect themselves.

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2500 Senter Rd in Neighborhood Web Versi

This facility is a major safety concern for our neighborhoods and District as our City and County ignored our residents and violated City Council policy to push it through without proper notification.

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Violence, biological hazards, and hazards plague our fields.  Help us make our ballfields safe for our children and restore the natural ecosystem of our creek.

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20161005 SMNA La Ragione Project Solutio

Multiple pedestrians have died and residents homes have been broken into.  Our Association acted to help this neighborhood.

  • Success! Gate installed to block access to the criminal element in the adjacent Coyote Creek

  • Success! Streetlights installed at the intersection to prevent more pedestrian fatalities

  • Success! The children's park was cleaned by our volunteers

Click here to see our proposal to the City on Streetlights and fencing

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Speeding on Southside Drive

Speeding through neighborhoods is a major issue throughout our Association.  It is especially bad on Southside Drive.  We will work with the City to resolve these issues.

Side Shows

Sideshows are dangerous, disruptive, and damage our already poor roads.  We are working with SJPD to establish solutions for our neighborhoods.



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