Association Bylaws

Committed to Enhanced Community Living

 Article I: Description

     The name of this Association is the Senter Monterey Neighborhood Association, located in the City of San Jose, County of Santa Clara, and the State of California. The boundaries of the Association are south of Tully Road between Monterey Road and Coyote Creek, South of Phelan Avenue  between Coyote Creek and McLaughlin Avenue, north of Capitol Expressway, west of McLaughlin Avenue, and east of Monterey Road. 

 Article II: Purpose

     The purpose of this Association is to raise community awareness, improve police/resident relations, improve the Community, and empower our members to be more involved, thus making the city of San Jose, CA a better place for all its residents.

 Article III: Memberships

     Any person who resides, owns or operates a business, works and pays taxes from a permanent business address, or attends school within the stated boundaries – and – is nonviolent and respectful is a member of the Association.  Only due-paying household members may vote in elections.

 Article IV: Meetings

     Meetings will be every third Thursday of the month at The Tully Community Library located at 880 Tully Rd, San Jose, CA 95111.  Meetings are open to all residents who live, work and pay taxes from a business address within the Association boundaries, or attend school (parents and students) within the boundaries of the Association.  If CAP Grant funding is used to support the meeting (ie, refreshments, outreach, etc) the meeting is required to be open to any neighbor within the SMNA boundaries. If attendees live outside our boundaries, the SMNA is not required to include them per CAP Grant requirements.  Any person who is being disruptive to an orderly meeting, or has demonstrated a history of disrupting meetings and/or who is disrespectful, can be asked to leave the meeting by the SMNA presiding officer and can be barred from all future meetings as deemed necessary by the President.

 Article V: Elections

     Elections occur during the annual July meeting.  All members, 18 years and older, residing in a due paying household, or a household which has received due exemption, shall be entitled to one vote in the election.  Non-resident members and non-due paying members are not voting members. No issue shall be put forth for voting unless there is quorum of 3/5th’s Board Members.

Board Voting – most issues will be voted on and approved by the elected board.  A simple majority is needed to pass any measure.

General Voting – A minimum of 25 votes are required for any measure to pass with a 60% majority to pass.

Article VI: Board Officers

     There shall be five (5) officers of the Board, they must reside (own or rent) within the boundaries of the Association and be a minimum of 18 years of age. No member shall hold more than one membership in the Association after the first election process (holding two or more positions is only allowed while paid membership remains below fifteen (15)).

 Section 1 – Role and Responsibilities of Officers

President: coordinate all Association activities, preside at Association meetings and Board Meetings, and shall have the general powers of supervision and management of the Association as pertains to the office and such duties as may be designated by the Board. Has the power to add additional roles to the Association as needed.

Vice-PresidentThe vice president shall assume the duties of the President in the President’s absence. Assists the president in performing the tasks necessary to run the association. Liaison between the various committees and the association board. Gets direct feedback from the three (3) area Captains.

Secretary: The secretary shall keep minutes of the Association meetings and Board meetings. Responsible for general correspondence. Record keeper, shall have a minute book, with the association bylaws, rules, member list, agenda, and any other supplies that may be needed to run the meeting. Responsible for recording and distributing meeting minutes.

TreasurerThe treasurer shall be guardian of the Association funds. Collects dues, writes checks and oversees the association accounts. Responsible for making financial reports at association meetings, reconciling the accounts and preparing the financial statements and association books for fiscal year auditing.  A background in finance and/or accounting is preferred for this position.

Committee Chairpersonis responsible for the project(s) assigned to them including fundraising, annual events, community cleanup projects.

Fundraising Chairperson: The Fundraising Chair is responsible for raising funding to support the outreach and the activities of the Association.  They will establish relationships with local businesses, ask for donations from members, and help in planning activities with fundraising in mind.

 Section 2 –Term of Office:

 President and Vice President: The term of office shall be two (2) years with no limit on successive terms.

All remaining positions: The term of office shall be one (1) year with no limit on successive terms.

Term Commencement and Successive Terms: Terms shall begin at the end of the annual April meeting and will finish at the end of the annual April meeting one (1) or two (2) years after (depending on position). This allows for a one month transition period.

 Article VII: Donations and Dues

     In order to promote the best community environment possible and carryout our mission statement, we will rely solely on donations and dues.

 With this money we will be able to politically lobby on behalf of the Association through direct action and/or donation to another group, create Neighborhood Watch groups, host neighborhood gatherings, parties, and events, and implement community cleanup and community beautification projects. 

 All donations and dues are not tax deductible.  Donations and dues will be recorded by the Treasurer and one other Board Member, then deposited into our business bank account under the SMNA name.  Until the election of 2017, all dues and donations will be signed off by all Board Members present at time of receipt, with a minimum of two different Board persons required.


We accept donation from any business, person, or entity via cash, check, or Visa/American Express/Master Card/ Debit/Bank Transfer via online PayPal transaction.  Donations do not in any way purchase favor from the organization.


We request dues from members that can afford them.  In other words, dues are required to become a voting member unless your household files for exempt status based on financial hardship.  Dues are to be paid yearly by the conclusion of the February meeting. Dues exceptions will be reviewed annually by the Board and be either renewed or revoked.

         $15 per household

         $10 per senior household (62 years old)

         $50 for businesses

Article VIII: Dissolution of Assets

     The properties of the Association are not owned by any of its officers or members. It is held for the purposes of community awareness and the preservation andenhancement of the community.  Upon dissolution of the Association, its assets shall first be used for payment of any outstanding debts or liabilities. The Board shall distribute any remaining assets free of charge to a non-profit organization, community group, school or corporation organized for purposes consistent with those of the Association.

Article IX: Non Board Positions

Non board positions are vital to the success of our Association.  They provide for further involvement from our community and provide a key hands on role in many of our daily activities.  Positions are:

Neighborhood Captain (x3): There will be three (3) Neighborhood Captains in our Association.  This allows us to have local leadership in all immediate areas of the Association.  The role of the Captain is to be a direct point of contact for the residents of the assigned area.  Captains will generate reports and deliver them to the Vice President.  The reports will include community issues and problems, as well as positive features such as wants and needs of the residents in that area, such as block parties and neighborhood beautification requests.  This allows the Association as a whole to remain strong and be appraised of all on goings within its boundaries.

Webmaster: This person is in charge of developing the website and keeping it up to date with fresh content and features.  This post works directly with the President and the Secretary.  Any budget related items for the website will need to be run through the Treasurer.

Social Media Head: This person is in charge of our Twitter and Facebook accounts.  They will work closely with the President and the Secretary for daily content updates.

Newsletter Head: This person is in charge of our sending out bi-monthly emails to Association members.  They will work closely with the President and the Secretary for content updates.

Board Members

President: Kurt Sims

Vice-President: Bruce Sullivan

Secretary: David Serrano

Treasurer: James Larkin

Committee Chairperson: Delbert Ng

Fundraising Chairperson: Delbert Ng

Non Board Member Positions

Captain A: TBD

Captain B: TBD

Captain C: TBD

Webmaster: John Tu

Social Media Head: Bennette Custodio

Newsletter Head: TBD



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